Date :28-Feb-2018


India has witnessed drastic changes in the treatment facilities of IVF and when modern technologies are combined with the expertise and knowledge of IVF specialists then the results are meant to be positive. FSIVF and Research Center has brought the world’s best technology for IVF treatment in India through its IVF Center in Adarsh Nagar, Delhi in order to make India as the hub of infertility treatment. FSIVF has been working very hard to facilitate best treatment and help to all those who want to get treated for infertility, at affordable price. Our specialists has commitment towards the patients and with their dedicated approach, FSIV promises to deliver personalized and unforgettable experience to the patients.

Our panel of experts consists of embryologists, andrologists, doctors, counselors along with nursing staff who cater satisfying services to the patients. Even those patients, who are of advanced age shouldn’t get disappointed and they can also approach us for infertility treatment in Adarsh Nagar, Delhi and get positive results. Some of many specialized treatment facilities delivered by us are magnetic activated cell sorting for sperm problems, pre-implantation genetic screening for the patients of advanced ages, who have experienced prior failures in past and chromosomal abnormalities, endometrial receptivity array for the patients who have experienced failed IVF treatment procedures in the past.

FSIVF has been appearing amongst one of the largest fertility service providers in India. We have an objective of bringing advanced Assisted Reproductive Technology to India in while collaborating with medical communities of the world. This step of FSIVF has led to an addition in its facilities and technologies in the center in Adarsh Nagar, Delhi. With the brand new technology and deep international expertise, FSIVF never fails to deliver exceptional results from the procedures followed.

Along with facilitating core procedures such as IUI, IVF and andrology services, FSIVF also caters various up-to date technologies such as vitrification for preserving embryos and eggs, embryoscope and ERA to know about the timing of uterus capacity to accept embryos etc. Any treatment which considerably increases the chances of pregnancy following IVF-ICSI, even in patients who have a history of numerous failures is followed here. FSIVF has best IVF center at Adarsh Nagar, Delhi. It is rendering its incredible services to all those who have been craving for the bliss of parenthood.