Date :28-Mar-2017


The Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection selected, also known as IMSI, is one of the most sought-after treatments for treating infertility. It is a laboratory technique which is used widely in IVF treatments involving inserting sperm into the egg morphologically chosen. IMSI fertility treatment provided at FSIVF aims at helping patients to get rid of the problem of infertility. We strive to provide quality treatment at affordable rates.

IMSI is a real-time technique in which sperms are selected prior the microinjection takes place. It is becoming more and more common a technique. This is done making use of an inverted microscope which provides a much greater and better magnifying power, around 6000 times, in comparison to those that are normally used in reproductive laboratories, which is 2000 times, for carrying out the ICSI.

Making use of this microscope, biologists can find out about the internal morphology of sperm and discard those having abnormalities. The ability to select sperm without any kind of morphological alterations is believed, can boost the possibilities of successful implantation of pre-embryo and diminish the chances of miscarriage.


As slated above, IMSI Infertility Treatment is gaining immense popularity in the recent times, it is important to know that you should choose the experienced and expert doctors for the same.

For men who having previous poor outcomes in IVF with ICSI and with high numbers of abnormal sperm count, an improved selection tool might boost the possibility of fertilization as well as normal embryo development.

Making use of digital high-magnification of sperm, researchers and doctors at FSIVF, examine the individual sperm at 6,000 times magnification for identifying the sperms which have abnormalities and exclude them from being fertilizing the egg. The sperms which are identified as being structurally normal are used in the process of fertilization using ICSI technique.


When you consult doctors at FSIVF then a comprehensive medical check-up would be performed before effective treatment is recommended. You will be recommended IMSI method in the following cases:

  • You have a high part of abnormally shaped sperm
  • Number sperm counts is very low
  • There is evidence of poor outcomes with previous ICSI treatments

No longer have you to worry about infertility as at FSIVF, we provide you with the most effective and right treatment. We are one of the leading and renowned infertility clinics in Delhi providing a range of fertility treatments.